Student election Kassel June 2021- quite brief introduction

Student Election from 15th June 2021 on: Vote your Student Representatives – Election from 15th until 30th June.
This uni semester summer 2021 Election takes place via electronic vote!

Polling Routine Electronic Vote – For polling, the voting student has to log in on a web form that is published on from 15th June on. For the Authentification the uk-Account number and Password is required; then the Candidates / Proposals are shown and ticks can be made for voting.

These elections are every year – most of the international students are not aware or not so well informed, because most of the information available is unluckily and still in German.

The candidates are introduced in a german-only online panel discussion on wednesday, 16th. At 2pm the discussion is about Students Parliament – and from 4.30 pm on about academic senate:
Find below our personal introduction and also brief explanation about the governing bodies to be elected!

Senate (highest body of academic self administration):

composed by 9 professors, 3 students, 3 academic workers, 2 administrative-technical workers.

The academic senate controls and nominees the university President and is the supreme University authority. The senate has a set of committees, both standing committees and ad hoc or working committees, which are assigned particular areas of responsibility for policy formation.

Existing Commissions (which are always also including some Student Representatives):

Commission for Research (setting guidelines for Research; steering and deciding about university’s budget for Research Projects KomFor),
Central Study Commission (setting guidelines and deciding about unversity’s budget for improving Studying and Teaching),

Library Commission (BibKom), Equality Commission (GKom), Commission for Information Management (KIM) ,Commission for Ecological Sustainability (KÖN) Commission for Strategic Personal development and Organisation’s Culture (KomPEO), Ethic Commission (ab Wintersemester 2018/19), Commission for further Internationalisation (KomInt), Commission for Study and Teaching Affairs (KomSL)

FSR – Student council (in German “Fachschaftsrat”): composed only by students of Your Science Faculty. The FSR is like an open channel of communication with the faculty, is THE local student organisation unit and discusses different aspects related to student life and student experience reporting requests and participating in meetings with the faculty. They also receive a small budget to organize small events (scientific, political, cultural and workshops).

Student Parliament (StuPa): the Student Union’s highest body. The members of Parliament are the political representation of the students, and control the executive organ AStA (General Students Committee). Parliament as well as AstA represent the student body towards university and public. The Student Parliament (StuPa) is  the highest  board  of  decision-making  for  the  student  body.  It  has  25 members, who are elected annually through student elections. Political decisions of every student-related aspect are made in Parliament. Its formal duties are also the election of the executive organ AStA, to adopt the budget of the AStA as well as, if demanded, preparation of the Common Plenary Meeting of all students (VV).

Website of Parliament and AStA:

Why is it important?

The above committees decide upon important issues related to you, like:

  • Discussion about professorships, science and lectures
  • Political decision-making in Studentenwerk affairs: dormitories and mensa
  • Agenda setting and student-friendly Interventions concerning university’s general budget
  • Organising and distributing Mobility ticket, Kulturticket and student-helping initiatives via our semester fee
  • Adressing problems in general and improving student studying and living conditions

We welcome you to participate, leave us comments, make suggestions for topics to be addressed: Let us improve studying conditions and politics matters for the better, together
via Mail or contact form

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